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No Cashless Debit Card for Pensioners

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called on the Member for Keppel to publicly apologise for scaring pensioners in Central Queensland.

These calls come after the Member for Keppel posted to social media unfounded and untrue statements regarding the cashless debit card and pensioners.

“This is a new low for the local State Labor Member who seems to have no shame when it comes to playing dirty politics,” Ms Landry said.

“Just so there is no mistake, for the Member for Keppel’s benefit, here are the facts: The Federal Government has publicly ruled out ever requiring pensioners to use the Cashless Debit Card. Any suggestion the Government would force pensioners to use the card is false.

“The Member for Keppel needs to look at some of the issues in her own backyard, including Hospital funding, TAFE funding, Rocky to Yeppoon Road timing blowouts, the Housing Crisis and backflipping on her Great Keppel Island election promise.

“I want pensioners to know absolutely that there is no truth to this nonsense about forcing you onto the Cashless Debit Card.

“I am calling on the Member for Keppel to publicly apologise to pensioners in Central Queensland for the havoc her lie has created,” Ms Landry said.

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