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PM Must Take Over from Incompetent Minister over FMD

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to take direct control of biosecurity measures from Minister for Agriculture Murray Watt after significant failures made on the attempted containment of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Australia.

Ms Landry’s calls come after key measures such as implementing full screening and disinfectant foot baths and mats have come two weeks later than expected in international airports.

Ms Landry said it’s time for the Australian Government to control of the nation’s biosecurity borders.

“Due to the indecision, indecisiveness and incompetence of a minister who does not understand agriculture, Australia is on the brink of a full-blown FMD outbreak. The Prime Minister needs to take control of this before it’s too late.

“The planes have kept on coming and the Government continues to navel gaze and consider options while full screening and disinfectant foot baths and mats should’ve been implemented two weeks ago when we first started calling for it.

“I join my Liberal National Party colleagues in calling for the installation of 3D X-ray machines and offering one to Indonesia, bringing forward $20 million in funding for a traceability program for ear tags and bringing forward $10 million in funding for the National Livestock Genebank.

“Labor’s indecision on biosecurity could cost us our $80 billion livestock industry. They don’t understand how serious FMD is and it could cost us all,” Ms Landry said.

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