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Regional Crime Inquiry Skips CQ

Last Friday, the State Government’s Youth Crime Committee announced they would undertake hearings in regional towns as part of the Committee’s inquiry into the youth crime gripping Queensland. Despite the hearings being described as ‘regional’, the Committee have completely excluded Central Queensland from the investigation.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry MP said she is deeply concerned over the Youth Crime Committee’s decision to exclude Central Queensland from its scheduled hearings, despite the promise of regional engagement.

“They have labelled southeast Queensland as being regional, with hearings being held in Brisbane and Southport. This decision raises questions about the Committee’s commitment to addressing youth crime concerns in a comprehensive and inclusive manner.

“Once again, this is yet another instance where the Labor Party has overlooked the pressing issue of youth crime in Central Queensland. The recent omission of this region from the scheduled hearings of the Youth Crime Committee is deeply troubling, considering the severity of the crisis at hand,” Ms Landry said.

Donna Kirkland, the LNP candidate for Rockhampton, expressed that residents in Central Queensland are gripped by fear as the crime crisis continues to take hold in the Rockhampton region.

“Our region is grappling with some of the highest crime rates in the state, so to discover those who live in Rockhampton are unable to have their voices heard is deeply concerning. The outcry from locals reveals a poignant reality; their voices are being ignored, underscoring the Labor Party’s apparent reluctance to listen and address the concerns of the community.

“The Capricornia region has witnessed a 271% surge in car thefts and an alarming 86% increase in break-ins since 2015.

“We hear numerous accounts of individuals experiencing the violation of their home sanctity due to unruly youths engaging in break-ins. It is disheartening to discover that those directly affected by these incidents won’t have the chance to express their concerns. This highlights the Labor Government’s apparent lack of comprehension in effectively addressing the youth crime crisis,” stated Donna Kirkland.

LNP Candidate for Keppel, Nigel Hutton said those living in Keppel want their voices heard.

“Whether it’s victims of crime, our front-line responders or the agencies working everyday to support our young people; the first step to changing the status quo is listening. The LNP is listening to Queenslanders and wants to make our communities safer,” Mr Hutton said.

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