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Save Regional Newspapers Petition Closes with Over 2400 Signatures

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has written to News Corp Australia Executive Michael Miller with results of the Save Regional Newspapers Petition, launched two weeks ago.

Ms Landry said the petition has garnered over 2,400 signatures in a very short amount of time.

“These signatures are from concerned locals who are anxious about how they will be able to get their news and they like nothing better than making themselves a cup of tea and the chance to pick up and read a printed copy of the Morning Bulletin or the Daily Mercury,” Ms Landry said.

“We have previously outlined several compromises or alternatives including producing a printed version of The Morning Bulletin or The Daily Mercury a few times a week or even a combined edition for Central Queensland readers.

“I understand that News Corp is planning to expand the Courier Mail for readers who enjoy the printed copies, but many customers have been told by their local newsagent the paper will not be delivered to their homes because it isn’t viable for them financially.”

Ms Landry also said the decision to cease printing will also severely affect the livelihoods of newsagents in Central Queensland.

“These are in most cases small businesses run by hardworking Australians who have told me how scared they are of the long-term viability of this business.

“I hope my letter and the many names of Central Queenslanders who admire the high quality of journalism and integrity newspapers provide and have done for over a century will not be ignored,” Ms Landry said.

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