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Statement from the Member for Capricornia, The Hon Michelle Landry MP

The reporting over my comments this morning was very selective, and it does not accurately represent what I said in its entirety.

As I said, I was horrified what I saw in news reporting last night over this incident. I think there is a real behaviour problem in Parliament, and we must address it.

My comments reflected my concern for the staffer’s mental health, and I do not believe in joining the national pile-on in regards to a staff member who has been rightfully dismissed for his actions.

There needs to be a strict code for all MPs, Senators and staff to adhere to. I have the highest standards for myself, my staff and the way we conduct ourselves in Parliament.

As I said, this is federal parliament and people should behave themselves.

Please see below full quote, as reported by The Guardian:

“I was horrified when I saw that last night. I think there is a real behaviour problem in this place and that we have to address it.

I am certainly strict about what goes on in my office. I don’t think people should be here after house unless they are working and there needs to be a strict code on that

In saying that, the young fellow concerned was a good worker and he loved the place. I feel bad for him about this, but it’s unacceptable behaviour by anyone and it should not happen in workplaces like this.

This is the Federal Parliament of Australia and people should behave themselves.”

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